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What is Grass Strimming?

A key aspect of garden maintenance, grass strimming plays a crucial role in keeping your outside space looking its best all year round. At Essex Tree Brothers, we regularly carry out strimming for our customers, using the best techniques to ensure exceptional results. Read on to learn more about grass strimming and how it can benefit your garden.

What does grass strimming involve?

Grass strimming involves using a tool called a strimmer to cut grass and weeds in areas that are difficult to reach with a lawnmower. These areas include:

  • Edges. Strimming is often carried out to cut grass and weeds growing along the edges of lawns, pathways and driveways. Strimming helps to define the edges, giving a garden a neat appearance.
  • Corners. Strimming can be useful for cutting grass in tight corners where a lawnmower can’t easily reach.
  • Uneven ground. A strimmer can make easy work of cutting grass on uneven terrain such as slopes, hills and banks.
  • Around obstacles. Strimming allows you to maintain the grass around obstacles such as trees, water fountains and statues – features that would cause damage to a lawnmower.

The benefits of grass strimming

There are many benefits to carrying out grass strimming in your garden. These include:

  • Visual appeal. Grass strimming can help to keep your garden looking visually appealing. Neat, clean edges can give your outside space a well-groomed appearance.
  • Reach challenging areas. Strimmers can reach areas that lawnmowers can’t, offering extremely precise cutting and creating well-defined borders.
  • Weed control. By cutting weeds down before they can mature and disperse seeds, you can control their growth. Strimming can help prevent weeds from becoming a big issue in your garden.

Can I carry out grass strimming myself?

Although it’s possible to carry out grass strimming in Essex yourself, many people choose to call in the professionals for this task. Professional landscapers and gardeners have the expertise needed to ensure that your garden will look its best. We can achieve precise edging and handle large or complex areas. Not only are the results likely to be better than if you had done it yourself but hiring us can also save you time. At Essex Tree Brothers, we have carried out strimming in both domestic and commercial gardens, building a fantastic reputation for our high-quality services and affordable prices.

If you do decide to strim your garden yourself, it’s important to take safety precautions. Always wear appropriate safety gear, including safety glasses or goggles, ear protection, gloves, sturdy footwear, long trousers, and a long-sleeved shirt. You may also want to consider wearing a face mask or shield to protect against flying debris.

To find out more about our grass strimming service, get in touch today. You can reach us by calling 07447 610527, emailing us at [email protected], or sending us a message via the website.

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