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When Is the Best Time to Hire a Professional Tree Surgeon?

The best time to hire a professional tree surgeon can vary depending on the needs of your trees. Whilst late winter or early spring is usually recommended for pruning most species of tree, tree surgery can be required at any time of the year, for example, if a tree has become unsafe and is posing a risk to people or property. Read on to learn when it may be a good idea to hire tree surgeons in Essex.

Regular maintenance all year round

Regular maintenance can help to keep your trees in good health. Pruning is generally easier during winter or early spring, however, they can benefit from care and attention all year round. In the summer months, regular watering is crucial for keeping trees adequately hydrated, whilst mulching can help them retain moisture and prevent weed growth. Autumn can be a good time to plant new trees since the cooler temperatures help with root establishment.

Signs of tree diseases or pests

If you notice signs of disease or pests in your tree, it’s time to hire a tree surgeon. Our tree surgeons use various methods to treat diseases and pests in trees, ranging from pruning to remove the affected parts of the tree, to using powerful chemical treatments known as insecticides or fungicides. If you notice any signs of disease or pests, it’s important to have your trees inspected by a qualified tree surgeon as soon as possible. Common signs include leaves that have become discoloured or that are wilting or drooping, and bark abnormalities.

Structural problems

Structural problems need to be assessed by a tree surgeon right away. Whether your tree is leaning too much to the side or has long, heavy branches that are at risk of breakage, a tree surgeon can take steps to improve its overall stability and health. This could include crown reduction, crown thinning or cabling and bracing. If you notice a problem with the structure of your tree, hire a tree surgeon at the earliest opportunity.

A tree is dead or dying

One of the most important times to hire a tree surgeon is if a tree is dead or dying. Trees that are near the end of their lives can be hazardous since they are more prone to falling. If they are allowed to fall, they can cause injuries and damage to people, property, and infrastructure such as power lines. You should hire a tree surgeon to remove a dead or dying tree as soon as possible.

Tree emergencies

Tree emergencies can arise from severe weather events, sudden structural failures, disease outbreaks and pest infestations. Storms can break branches and even uproot trees completely in some cases. Unexpected tree falls can occur due to disease, decay or structural issues. If you find yourself with a tree emergency on your hands, it’s time to call in professional tree surgeons to deal with it in a prompt and proper manner.

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