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Why Employ a Tree Surgeon to Assist with Storm Damaged Trees?

What risks are there after a storm?

As any homeowner knows, storms can cause extensive property damage and costly repairs. Recently many of us have experienced that first-hand with storms causing destruction and property damage up and down the country. Manmade structures are not the only risks however, falling trees and broken limbs are a risk to human life during and after any storm, which is why the met office issues such vocal warnings regarding any unnecessary travel during harsh weather, it may seem like just another rainy day, but things can get dangerous fast.

While preventative measures can limit the risks, nature isn’t predictable and there is always a great deal of work to be complete after any storm to limit further incidents. It was easy to see the damage to buildings and roofs after storm Eunice, as well as in parks and other public places. Some signs of storm damage to your trees are obvious such as broken limbs or a tree suddenly leaning to one side, others are less obvious but often present more of a challenge down the line.

Why you should not attempt repairs without professional help

Even with the best will in the world, extensive knowledge is needed to assess storm damage to your trees and to take the proper courses of action. Incorrect or unskilled tree surgery can lead to more damage along the line and potential risk of injury – making a potentially dangerous situation even worse. Professional tree surgeons are trained in the use of many pieces of heavy equipment, they are also skilled in working at heights.

Both of these things help them to undertake necessary works safely, significantly lowering the risk of personal injury and building damage alike. It can be tempting to try and save money by renting the tools and following along to a YouTube tutorial, but this can actually be more costly in the long run as without the right training even the best tools can be dangerous, to your property and yourself.

What tree surgeons can do to help

Through their extensive education and experience, tree surgeons learn how to identify potential future issues affecting trees such as rot, structural damage, disease, hollowing of the trunk and limb instability. They can help you identify these risks and suggest the best ways to rectify them. Not only can professional tree surgeons suggest which works need doing, but any reputable tree surgeon will also be able to advise against unnecessary work.

While it may seem counter to expectations, reputable tree surgeons want what is best for you and your garden, preferring preventative and restorative measures to the unnecessary removal and replacing of trees.

How to choose the best tree surgeons

If you feel a disreputable salesperson is pushing work simply to line their pockets, you should feel empowered to contact professional tree surgeons for a second opinion. The best professionals care about the health of your trees, and safe working practices. Never accept less than the best.

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