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Why Should I Hire a Professional Tree Surgeon?

When You Might Need A Tree Surgeon

If you’re working on your garden, you may have plans for landscaping such as removing trees or reducing their height to allow more light into the area. When working on your garden, there are some things you might decide to take on yourself and others that would be better to hire a professional for.

When it comes to large scale jobs such as tree felling, crown reduction or root removal, it is always advisable to hire a professional tree surgeon. That’s because it can be an incredibly dangerous job and having a professional who is fully trained and knows what they are doing helps protect you, your property and others.

While it may seem easy enough to chop down a tree, you have to factor in how and where it will fall, which can be an unpredictable factor. Without control, it could fall a completely opposite way to where you predict and cause damage to your property, a neighbour’s property or even injure someone.

Our tree surgeons in Chelmsford and throughout Essex go through many years of studying, training and on the job experience to provide them with the knowledge to do what they do. They are experienced in working with heavy and dangerous machinery, working at height and the planning of how a tree will fall.

What Can A Tree Surgeon Do?

There is a wide variety of jobs that a tree surgeon can carry out, however most will associate them with tree felling or root removal. As most will appreciate, cutting down a tree is an unpredictable task, so hiring a professional is preferable than causing damage and to help provide a controlled and safe fall.

People look into tree felling for a number of reasons, they may simply want to clear an area in the garden or grounds, allow more light to flow in, prevent a tree infringing or damaging a home or because disease has been found on a tree and it needs to be prevented from spreading.

A tree surgeon is experienced in identifying different types of disease and rot that can affect trees and spotting the symptoms. Unfortunately, tree felling is usually the recommended solution to prevent it spreading through other trees in the area and causing more damage.

Whatever your reason for tree removal, once the tree has been cut down, you are left with the root, which you are likely to want removed as well. These can be difficult to remove yourself and it usually requires a root grinder to grind the stump into a fine sawdust and breakdown the roots. This machinery is extremely heavy and dangerous, so it is always best to enlist a professional tree surgeon to carry out the job. Or instead of removing a tree completely, you may want to reduce the height. However, it is not just a case of chopping off the top, as this can leave the trunk exposed and weaken the tree. Instead, a crown reduction needs to be performed, that reduces the height of the tree by trimming it back to the lateral branch.

As well as this, our tree surgeons in Chelmsford can provide a variety of other services like tree planting, pruning, hogweed removal, woodland management and more.

Is A Tree Surgeon Worth It?

We may be slightly bias, but a professional tree surgeon is certainly worth the investment when it comes to managing your garden and getting the best results for your garden makeover or maintenance! Not only is it safer, but it helps to provide the best results and you will benefit from expert advice.

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Tree Surgeon
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