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Why the Removal of Trees is Important

Whilst it’s true that we need trees to survive and that we need to plant more of them, sometimes removing them is essential. Cutting down trees comes with several benefits, including improving people’s safety and controlling pests and diseases. At Essex Tree Brothers, we regularly carry out tree felling in Essex, providing a professional and affordable service to domestic and commercial clients.

4 big benefits of tree removal

Keep people safe

Removing a tree is sometimes required for maintaining people’s safety in an area. If a tree has become damaged in a storm or has died, it risks falling over and potentially seriously injuring someone. A falling tree can also cause damage to buildings and vehicles. If a tree’s structure has been compromised, don’t simply let nature take its course. Hire a local tree surgeon to remove it for you using the right equipment and the safest, most effective methods.

Control pests and diseases

If a tree has become diseased or infested with pests, it’s often the right decision to remove it. Not only can diseased trees fall and cause injury and damage but they can also spread illness to other trees quite rapidly. The spread of disease and pests can have a devastating impact, potentially killing many other trees in the vicinity. At Essex Tree Brothers, we can inspect your trees in order to identify early signs of disease. We may be able to treat and save them in some cases. If a tree can’t be salvaged, we can carry out prompt and safe removal.

Repurpose the space

One of the biggest reasons why landowners choose to remove trees is so that they can repurpose the space. Removing a tree can allow you to build on the land, construct another building or add a seating area, firepit or even a tennis court. Whatever your vision for your land, you may be able to turn it into a reality if you remove an existing tree or trees. Keep in mind that not all trees are allowed to be felled. Some are protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). If a tree has a TPO, you’ll need to apply for permission from your local council before removing it.

Encourages forest restoration

Don’t feel too bad about removing trees that have grown old. Doing so creates space for new, healthy trees to grow. This encourages forest restoration and diversity since you’ll allow other species of tree to grow, which can improve the ecosystem as a whole. Removing old trees can seem sad, however, it simply serves to promote new growth. If older trees aren’t removed, they end up competing with newer trees, leading to stagnant growth and reduced diversity.

Tree felling should only be carried out by fully trained tree surgeons. Call us on (01245) 955 117 or (01621) 484306 to discuss tree felling in Essex. You can also send us a message via the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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