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Recently a local home owner and a tree surgeon were find over £1400 because of an illegally cut down tree.

The sycamore tree in question was located at a house in white oak Gardens in Sidcupp. This particular tree was protected by a tree preservation order and therefore legally could not be touched.

This article should act as a warning to any potential customers thinking of cutting corners.We have been in this industry for many years and have much experience when it comes to protected trees and the correct legal obligations that are required by tree surgeons.

The company that was fined was TPA tree surgery and although they pleaded guilty in the magistrates courts to carrying out works on a protected tree they were still fined a total of £860. Two weeks later the home owner himself also pleaded guilty to the same offence, He was also fined for his actions.

Councils around Essex are extremely serious when it comes to enforcing the preservation of protected trees as they play an important part in the counties heritage Here at Essex Tree Surgeons we take this extremely serious and are doing all we can to ensure the counties beautiful trees and maintained to the highest level.

Why Use Professional Tree Services
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