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Yew Trees dating back 5,000 years have been found

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Deep in darkest Defynnog In sight of a mediaeval church lie the mystical and Magnificent Yew-tree’s of old.

As our Tree Surgery practice is set up in Essex we have been very lucky to work with a lot of Yew Trees, however none as old as the ones in this article.

Did you Know: Britain is actually home to more yew trees than any other country in Europe. There has actually been a group set up called the ancient yew group and they have successfully identified 978 ancient or veteran species.

Recent research in Defynnog have discovered some of the oldest Yew Tree’s in Europe and although it is incredibly difficult To correctly determine the age of an old Yew Tree there has been a handful of experts tasked with just this. Early indications see some of the trees in Defynnog dating back to well over 5000 years which is incredible, just imagine some of the sights these amazing tree’s have seen, from world wars to ancient battles. The beautiful tree’s at Defynnog have to be seen to believed, all forms of tree seem to be present in this magical and fascinating Welsh village.

We are looking forward to hearing more on the findings and we shall be updating our news pages as soon as we here anything.

In our long tree surgery career we have come across many beautiful trees in Essex but none that have the power and aesthetic’s of the Yewtree. If you love your trees as much as we do take the trip from Essex to Wales and see for yourself.

Yew Trees dating back 5,000 years have been found
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