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The History of Tree Surgery

When we started The Essex Tree Brothers we knew that we were joining a profession that was steeped in history, we thought it would be a nice idea to share this with our customers as to be honest it’s pretty interesting.

The story starts in Somerset with a gentleman called John Davey. Johns father was a well know farmer who ran one of the largest farms in Somerset. From the age of 5 John worked with his father learning about the preservation of trees and the associated natural resources.  John’s passion and clear talent ensured that his father’s farms had some of the most beautiful trees and greenery and in 1880 John Davey moved from Somerset across the ocean to settle in Ohio, America.  It was here that John formed a company he called the Davey Tree Expert, interestingly the companies head office is still there today.  john coined the company’s motto “do it right or don’t do it at all”, The Davey Treey Expert Company employs around 7,000 people and is still going strong.

Over the years The Davey Tree Expert Company was credited for serious advancements in pruning. Davies and his team conducted years of research that showed trees which were not pruned correctly couldn’t heal themselves, this allowed his to develop pruning techniques that are still in use today in fact The Essex Tree Brothers use these techniques in their everyday tree surgery work. The theory behind this was if a wooden house needed protection to repel water then surly a tree should be the same, he documented the fact that if a tree was not waterproofed and its wounds were not treated and sterilised then it would begin to decay. Once this theory was proved John created various patented treatment to combat this and at the same time John also realised that hollow trees were the cause of exterior callous, basically this means the exterior decay moved deep inside of the tree, again John combated this by creating a cavity solution which is also still in use today by many of the leading Tree Surgeons in Essex and the world.

In 1878 Davies compiled all of his years of research and findings into a document called ‘The Davey Floral and Landscape Editor.  The document backed up with his published works, including ‘The Tree Doctor’ has said to transform, inspire and create tree surgery as it is today.

On behalf of everyone at The Essex Tree Brothers we thank Mr John Davey for his years of research, if it was not for him then we would not be the best Tree Surgeons in Essex! Cheers John!

John Davy Tree Surgery
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