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A crown reduction is a pruning technique used to control the size of a tree’s crown whilst keeping its shape and structure. At Essex Tree Brothers, we regularly carry out crown reductions in Brentwood, serving both domestic and commercial customers in and around the town.

Our experienced tree surgeons have the skills and knowledge needed to carry out jobs of all sizes, ranging from single trees to hundreds of them.
Essex Tree Brothers is a family-run firm with a fantastic reputation throughout Brentwood and the surrounding areas. Our customers know they can rely on us to provide a professional and reliable service every time. We always carry out work to the highest possible standards, using the best, most effective techniques to care for trees of all sizes and species.

What are crown reductions?

Crown reduction involves selectively pruning branches in order to reduce the size of a tree. This type of pruning creates a more balanced branch structure, making the tree appear more streamlined. Crown reduction should maintain the tree’s natural form as much as possible. We’ll cut back the tree’s limbs at the highest point, reducing its height whilst maintaining its structure and improving its appearance.

Since crown reduction can place a lot of stress on a tree, we usually recommend other methods first, such as crown thinning. When we visit your site for the first time, we’ll assess the tree carefully before making recommendation.

Can all trees tolerate crown reductions?

Crown reduction isn’t suitable for all trees. Therefore, it’s important to let us assess your tree so that we can confirm its species. We can then let you know if it can be reduced. Trees such as sycamore, ash, willow, maple and willow can tolerate crown reductions well. They usually have no issues with heavy pruning as long as the relevant guidelines are followed.

Comparatively, oak, beech and cherry can’t normally endure heavy reductions. Usually, these species can only tolerate a small crown reduction.

What are the benefits of crown reductions?

Our team carry out crown reductions for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s used to remove any dead or diseased branches from the tree, protecting not just its health but preventing them from causing damage or injury if they were to be tossed about during a storm. Appearance is another reason many people opt for a crown reduction.

Reducing the canopy can enhance the look of a tree, making it more streamlined and improving the overall appearance of a landscape. A crown reduction can also allow more light to penetrate through the branches of a tree, bringing more light into your garden.

Hire crown reduction services in Brentwood

If you need tree crown reductions in Brentwood, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ve performed reductions on trees of all sizes and species, using the best and most effective methods to achieve exceptional results every time.

Call us on 07447610527 or 01245 955 117 to discuss your tree care needs. Alternatively, message us via the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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