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Professional tree crown reductions

Essex Tree Brothers have been providing crown reduction services in Chelmsford and the surrounding areas for many years. We serve both domestic and commercial customers throughout the area, with our team dedicated to carrying out every job to the highest standards.

A family-run company with a great reputation, you can rest assured that you’ll be more than satisfied with the services we provide. Our tree surgeons are highly experienced, with expert knowledge of the best and most effective tree care methods.

What are crown reductions?

A crown reduction is one of the most common pruning techniques that we carry out here at Essex Tree Brothers. It is carried out to control the size of the tree whilst maintaining the crown’s structure or shape.

We’ll usually focus on the limbs at the top of the tree canopy, cutting them shorter to reduce the tree’s height. We only cut the branches to a certain extent so that they heal faster and regrow properly to form a new crown.

Why are crown reductions carried out?

There are a number of reasons why you might require a tree crown reduction. These include:

Removing dead branches

A crown reduction is often performed to remove dead, damaged or diseased branches. Leaving them on the tree can be dangerous not just for the health of the tree but for your property and people walking near to the tree. In a storm, the wind can toss around the dead or damaged branches, potentially causing damage and injury.

Improves the appearance of the tree

Many property owners enlist crown reduction services in order to improve the appearance of a tree. Removing taller limbs or those growing haphazardly out of the canopy can help to achieve a more streamlined look, enhancing the overall design of the landscape.

Allows more light to enter your garden

A crown reduction reduces a tree’s height and width, letting more light enter your garden. Crown reduction helps to increase light penetration to the tree branches as well as any dark and damp areas, making a tree better suited to its environment.

Crown reduction or tree topping?

A crown reduction allows you to reduce the size of a tree whilst maintaining its structural integrity and natural form. In comparison, tree topping involves cutting off the top of a tree to reduce its height. It is a technique not recommended by most tree care professionals. The reason for this is that the trunk becomes exposed, weakening the tree’s structure. A crown reduction is a better option in most cases.

Professional crown reduction services in Chelmsford

If you need a tree crown reduction in Chelmsford, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our skilled tree surgeons can carry out work on your tree to the highest standard, working professionally and safely at all times.

To discuss your tree care needs, call us on 07447610527 or 01245 955 117. Alternatively, send us a message via the website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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