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Site clearance services in your area

Essex Tree Brothers provide a range of site clearance services in Colchester, serving both domestic and commercial customers throughout the area. Whether you need us to clear trees that have become damaged or diseased or to make space to build a new development, we can assist. We have cleared sites of all shapes and sizes over the years, ranging from private gardens to large estates. Our team possess the knowledge and expertise needed to remove trees safely and efficiently from a variety of spaces.

Our tree surgeons are renowned for carrying out their work to the highest possible standards. Using a combination of traditional techniques and modern equipment, site clearance services from Essex Tree Brothers are always safe, tidy and non-disruptive.

Clearing your land quickly and efficiently

At Essex Tree Brothers, we can clear your land of trees and other vegetation as quickly and as efficiently as possible, allowing you to progress with your project without delay. We can attend your site at the earliest convenience to provide a complete clearance to the highest standard. We’ve made sure our services represent fantastic value for money too, with our prices amongst the most competitive in the area.

Before carrying out site clearance services in Colchester, we’ll usually need to consult with your local council. This is so that we can find out if there are Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) in place that could prevent us from clearing your site. A TPO is there to protect a tree or group of trees from being cut down, damaged or destroyed. Since it’s a legally enforceable order, you’ll be breaking the law if you do remove any of the trees protected by a TPO. We can provide you with the information you need to make key decisions regarding the trees on your land.

Safety comes first

Since clearing a site of trees can be such a dangerous task, we always ensure that our work is carefully planned and risk assessed before we begin. Safety comes first, with our team ensuring that tree felling is carried out in a managed and controlled manner that minimises the risk of accidents. Whether you need a single tree or a number of them cleared from your land, you can rest assured that work will be carried out in a way that keeps people and property safe from harm.

We’ve undergone all the relevant training to allow us to carry out site-clearances safely and efficiently. We know how to operate powerful tools like chainsaws correctly and to minimise the risk of injury and we always ensure we wear all the necessary protective gear, including hard helmets, goggles, safety boots and gloves.

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At Essex Tree Brothers, we’re on hand to provide site-clearances right away. Call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117, send an email to [email protected] or message us via our website. We can answer all your questions about our site clearance services and provide you with a free quotation for the work you require.

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