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Have the trees on your land become overgrown, unsightly or just downright unsafe? If so, you may be looking to hire a local tree surgeon in Mountnessing. At Essex Tree Brothers, we provide a full range of tree services, both to domestic and commercial customers. So, whether you need a tree pruning or felling in your back garden or you require a survey for several trees on your business’s grounds, we can assist. Our tree surgeons have been serving the people of Mountnessing for many years, building up a huge amount of experience and developing a fantastic reputation.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon specialises in the general care and maintenance of trees. We’ve undergone a huge amount of training to enable us to prune, fell, plant and treat trees that need special care. We can also carry out tasks such as crown reduction, tree stump and root removal and hedge trimming and reduction.

Many people enlist our tree surgeons in Mountnessing to carry out tree surveys. Performed on both public and private landscapes, a tree survey aims to find out valuable information about the trees, including details about their age, species, height and health. The results of a survey allow people to make important decisions about what to do with the trees on their land.

Why You Should Hire Tree Surgeons in Mountnessing

Maintaining trees can be a challenging task, even small ones. Over time, they can become overgrown and may develop diseases and infestations that require treatment. Therefore, it makes sense to hire the services of our Mountnessing tree surgeons who have the skill, knowledge and expertise to carry out the work to a high standard. We’ve worked on many different sizes and species of trees over the years.

Safety Comes First

Tree surgery can be extremely dangerous, with various potential risks involved. Hazards include falling trees, falling tree branches, falls from trees or other heights and dangerous equipment such as chainsaws and stump grinders. The substances our work produces such as sawdust can also be hazardous to health if inhaled.

The risks associated with tree surgery mean that we have rigorous health and safety procedures in place to protect both our team and members of the general public. Our Mountnessing tree surgeons always wear the correct safety gear as they work, including helmets, boots, gloves and eye protection. The HSE states that certain specialised equipment should be worn when operating machinery such as chainsaws – you can find this on their website.

Hire a Local Tree Surgeon Today

At Essex Tree Services, we’re on hand to assist you with all your tree care needs. Call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117 to discuss your requirements with one of the team. Alternatively, send us a message via the website. We can come out to your garden or grounds to assess your needs, allowing us to provide an accurate and competitive quotation for the work you require.


What tree services do you provide in Mountnessing?

As the leading tree surgeons in Mountnessing, you can feel confident that we can meet your tree care needs. We provide a full range of tree services, helping you to keep the trees on your land looking their best and in optimal health. We can carry out:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Tree felling
  • Tree stump removal
  • Tree branch and limb removal
  • Tree pollarding
  • Tree surveys

We serve both domestic and commercial customers in and around Mountnessing, with one-off and regular contracted jobs both catered for. We can carry out tree care tasks of all sizes, with our team possessing all the skills, knowledge and expertise required.

Can you identify tree diseases and infestations?

Absolutely! As experienced tree surgeons, this is something we specialise in. We know all the signs of tree diseases and infestations, allowing us to get to work treating and returning them to optimal health as quickly as possible. We’ll look for common indications of disease, including bark abnormalities, decay, dead branches and leaf discolouration. Often with tree leaf diseases, we don’t aim to cure them but instead remove and destroy the foliage to avoid further infections next season.

Do you carry out tree surveys?

We regularly carry out tree surveys here at Essex Tree Brothers. We assess trees according to the British Standard BS5837, which sets out how to establish which trees should stay on the land and which should be removed. A tree survey can provide a wide range of important information about trees, including their age, dimensions, species and health and condition. Whether you need a survey for one tree or hundreds of them on your domestic or commercial land, you can rest assured that our Mountnessing tree surgeons can assist.

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