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Grounds Maintenance: What’s Involved?

Are you considering investing in a grounds maintenance service but aren’t sure what’s involved? If so, keep reading. At Essex Tree Brothers, we regularly carry out grounds maintenance throughout the region, keeping all types of outdoor spaces looking their best throughout the seasons.

What is grounds maintenance?

Grounds maintenance involves the regular upkeep of outdoor spaces ranging from public parks and gardens to school grounds and sports fields. The goal is to keep these areas attractive, safe and functional all year round. Grounds maintenance can be carried out by in-house groundskeepers or contracted landscaping companies, depending on the size and complexity of the area.

Common grounds maintenance tasks

The specific tasks involved in grounds maintenance can vary depending on the size and type of the outdoor space. Some of the most common activities can be found below.

Lawn care

One of the most common aspects of grounds maintenance is lawn care. Lawn care involves maintaining grassy areas to keep them visually appealing, neat and healthy. We will mow the grass so it stays at the appropriate height, trim the edges and borders and fertilise it so it stays looking lush and vibrant. We may also aerate the soil, which involves loosening it in order to improve air circulation and water penetration and encourage the grassroots to absorb nutrients.

Weed control

Another fundamental element of grounds maintenance is weed control. This involves removing weeds from areas such as lawns, flowerbeds, pathways and sports fields. Weeding can be done either manually by hand or using herbicides, which are chemicals designed to control or kill unwanted plants.

Tree care

Tree care is an important part of grounds maintenance. Trees not only add beauty to an outdoor space but also provide shade and a habitat for wildlife, not to mention many environmental benefits. Proper tree care not only makes a landscape look more visually appealing but increases the safety and lifespan of trees. Our tree surgeons can carry out a wide range of tree care tasks, ranging from minor pruning work to planting and felling trees.

Hardscape maintenance

Hardscape maintenance involves the upkeep of any non-living elements in an outdoor space. These elements can consist of various materials such as wood, stone, concrete, and metal and could include patios, decking, walkways, driveways, walls and water features. Proper hardscape maintenance ensures the visual appeal, safety and longevity of these features. We can inspect and maintain them regularly, carrying out cleaning and repair work as required.

Pest and disease control

Grounds maintenance often includes treating pests and diseases that are affecting the health and appearance of trees, plants and other vegetation in a landscape. Proper pest and disease control is crucial for ensuring that an outside environment thrives. At Essex Tree Brothers, we use a variety of methods to treat pests and diseases effectively and safely.

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