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How long does it take to fell a tree?

Do you need to fell a tree and are wondering how long it will take? Then keep reading. At Essex Tree Brothers, we’ve cut down hundreds of trees over the years, with some taking longer to remove than others. If you want to know how long it will take us to fell a tree on your land, talk to our team. We can carefully assess the tree and let you know how quickly we think we’ll be able to remove it.

How quickly can a tree be removed?

How long it takes to fell a tree largely depends on its location, rather than its size. For example, a large tree in a remote location where there are no houses or other structures around is likely to be removed much more quickly than a smaller tree in a built-up area. This is because a tree in a populated area is more likely to cause damage or injury when it falls. More safety precautions will need to be taken for such a tree to avoid accidents occurring. In these cases, more time may be spent preparing the area than actually cutting the tree down.

Safety over speed

When it comes to felling a tree, safety is paramount. Although you may want to remove the tree from your land as quickly as possible, it’s much more important that the process is carried out safely. At Essex Tree Brothers, we’ll take all the necessary safety precautions when removing a tree, wearing protective gear like a helmet, gloves and goggles and using the correct methods to ensure that it falls in the right direction.

Hire professional tree felling services

Don’t attempt to fell a tree yourself if you lack the required expertise. Tree felling can be a very hazardous task if you don’t have the skills and knowledge needed to carry it out safely. Not only is using a chainsaw very dangerous but the tree could fall in the wrong direction, resulting in serious injuries and damage to property. Instead, hire a reputable company to provide professional tree felling services.

At Essex Tree Brothers, we’re on hand to fell trees of all sizes, carrying out the work as quickly and safely as possible. Once we’ve felled your tree, you may also want to consider having the stump removed. Although not always necessary, getting rid of a stump can make your outside space much more aesthetically-pleasing as well as safer since no one will be able to trip and fall over it. Our team of tree surgeons can remove stumps of all sizes with ease, using powerful stump grinders to carry out the work effectively and safely.

To discuss your tree care needs with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team, call us on 07429970077 or 01245 955117, email [email protected] or send us a message via our website.

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