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Our Tree Services in Ramsden Health

Our tree surgeons in Ramsden Heath can provide a wide range of services across your garden or grounds. We provide services such as tree felling, tree removal, root removal, pruning, crown reduction as well as general maintenance.

Tree surgeons are most commonly thought of when it comes to tree removal and root removal, but we provide a wide range of other services as well, helping to provide a full range of service on the upkeep and maintenance of your garden.

You may require a tree surgeon in Ramsden Heath for any number of reasons, such as removing trees to allow for more sunlight to flow into your garden and home or to remove a tree stump that is becoming obstructive. We are happy to advise and offer our professional opinion on a range of common garden issues.

It is important to consult a Ramsden Heath tree surgeon when it comes to carrying out more dangerous garden maintenance such as working at height and using heavy and dangerous machinery. After all, tree surgeons go through years of training and studying for their role in one of the most hazardous jobs in the world.

Why Hire A Tree Surgeon In Ramsden Heath

Tree surgeons are used to working at height with heavy machinery, they have full training in operating these tools and managing their safety harness to keep themselves safe. As well as this, they are well versed in how to act to keep other people safe. For example, when it comes to tree felling, they can attach bungee cords to the tree and orchestrate a controlled fall to ensure there is no damage to people or property.

They can also aid in root removal, removing the stump left behind by the felled tree. These can often be difficult to remove and may be obstructive if you are looking to build something where the trees once stood. The stump grinder is a heavy and dangerous piece of machinery that can be used to grind through the stump and the roots until they are a fine sawdust which can be used to fill the remaining hole, used as mulch or removed from site.

Another job our tree surgeons in Ramsden Heath are often called upon for is crown reduction, which is a way of reducing the height of a tree without damaging its structure or weakening its core. Rather than simply cutting off the top of the tree, the branches are simply trimmed back to the lateral branch to reduce the height without causing long-term damage.

Call Essex Tree Brothers For Professional Tree Surgeon Services

Essex Tree Brothers have been operating for over ten years with many more years of experience in tree surgery and maintenance. As a family run company, we are proud to deliver friendly, affordable and efficient service to our customers.

We have helped transform gardens across Essex of all shapes, sizes and demands. If you would like to see what we can do for you, please get in touch to discuss your project. We are happy to offer our advice as well as provide you with a quote for our work.

Whether you need us for a one off job or would like to use our services on a regular basis, we are happy to contribute our expert knowledge and specialist skills. Call now to benefit from our tree surgeons in Ramsden Heath.

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