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Essex Tree Brothers are experienced in providing a range of tree surgery services such as crown reduction, pollarding, dead wooding, tree felling and stump grinding. In our ten years of service, we have built a reputation as a leading tree surgeon in the UK thanks to our professional and experienced approach to tree surgery.

We are a friendly family run business, with a team of fully trained and experienced consultants, climbers and ground staff to allow us to provide safe and reliable service. We are environmentally conscious in the work we provide and will always advise you about the best solution for the preservation of your tree.

It is always advised to enlist the services of a tree surgeon in the UK, if you need to maintain a tree on your property. Tree surgery often involves working at height and operating dangerous machinery so should always be carried out by a professional.

Tree Felling

When tree felling is required on your property, either to make space, improve the view or to remove dead or diseased trees it is vital to enlist our tree surgery services to ensure this can be done safely.

Tree felling needs to carried out by experts who can manage and predict the fall of the tree to prevent damage to your garden, home or neighbours and the general public. We use the mobile elevated platforms, cranes and rigging equipment to ensure the safest take down of trees with minimum disruption.

Tree Maintenance

Our tree surgery services can ensure your trees are kept in the best possible health. We can provide services such as tree pruning, reductions and re-pollarding.

Tree pruning consists of cutting back branches and the shaping and tidying of the tree and its leaves to prevent it from becoming overgrown.

Pollarding is a way of controlling the height at which a tree can grow, to prevent it becoming overgrown or blocking light. We can perform re-pollarding on an annual basis to keep the tree at your desired height.

Crown reductions is another way to reduce the height and spread of the crown of the tree and is the best way to reduce the height of a tree without causing damage to the tree or weakening its trunk. It is used to reduce the stress on individual branches which can be susceptible to breaking in extreme weather.

Enlist Our Tree Surgery Services in Essex

If you are in need of tree surgery, please get in touch. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best tree surgery in the UK to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Our expertise means we can give you the best advice and always work in your best interests.

We aim to work as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible to protect the environment and the local wildlife. We will be able to advise you on what trees are protected by a tree protection order and what permissions you will need to remove a tree.

To find out more about how we can work with you, please give us a call on 07447610527  or 01245 955 117 to discuss your tree surgery needs and receive a free quote.

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